Elements of Philosophy, The First Section, Concerning Body.  Zur deutschen Ausgabe Lehre vom Körper Umschlag Titel The Translator to the Reader Widmung The Authors Epistle zo the Reader Part I. Computation or Logique 1 Chap. I. Of Philosophy 1 Chap. II. Of Names 10 Chap. III. Of Proposition 22 Chap. IV. Of Syllogisme 33 Chap. V. Of Erring, Falsity and Captions 41 Chap. VI. Of Method 48 Part2. The First Grounds of Philosophy 67 Chap. VII. Of Place and Time 67 Chap. VIII. Of Body and Accident 74 Chap. IX. Of Cause and Effect 87 Chap. X. Pf Power and Act 93 Chap. XI. Of Identity and Difference 97 Chap. XII. Of Quantity 102 Chap. XIII. Of Analogisme or the Same Proportion 107 Chap. XIV. Of Straight and Crooked, Angle and Figure 129 Part 3. Of the Proportions of Motions and Magnitudes 149 Chap. XV. Of the Nature, Properties, and diverse Considerations of Motion and Endeavour 149 Chap. XVI. Of Motion Accelerated and Uniform, and of Motion by Concourse 160 Chap. XVII. Of Figures Deficient 181 Chap. XVIII. Of the Equation of Straight Lines with the Crookes Lines of Parabols and other Figures made in imitation of Parabols 199 Chap. XIX. Of Angles of Indicence and Reglection, equal by supposition 203 Chap. XX. Of the Dimension of a Circle, and the Division of Angles or Arches 213 Chap. XXi. Of Circular Motion 235 Chap. XXII. Of other Variety of Motion 247 Chap. XXIII. Of the Center of Equiponderation of Bodies pressing downwards in straight Parallel Lines 261 9 Chap. XXIV. Of Refracrion and Reflection 279 Part 4. Physiques, or the Phaenomena of Nature 289 Chap. XXV. Of Sense and Animal Motion 289 Chap. XXVI. Of the World, and of the Starres 306 Chap- XXVII. Of Light, Heat, and of Colours 331 Chap. XXVIII. Of Cold, Wind, Hard, Ice, Restitution of Bodies bent, Diaphonous, Lightening and Thunder; and of the Heads of Rivers 347 Chap. XXIX. Of Sound, Odour, Savour, and Touch 361 Chap XXX. Of Gravity 378 List of Figures Figures Chapter 14 Figures Chapter 16 Figures Chapter 17 Figures Chapter 18 Figures Chapter 19 Figures Chapter 20 Figures Chapter 21 Figures Chapter 22 Figures Chapter 23 Figures Chapter 24 Figures Chapter 26 Figures Chapter 27 Figures Chapter 28u30