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HTML 3.2 Reference Specification W3C Recommendation 14-Jan-1997 Status of this document Abstract Contents Introduction to HTML 3.2 2 HTML as an SGML Application The Structure of HTML documents The HEAD element TITLE STYLE and SCRIPT ISINDEX BASE META LINK The BODY element Block and Text level elements Headings ADDRESS Block elements Paragraphs Lists Unordered Lists Ordered (i.e. numbered) Lists Definition Lists DIR and MENU Preformatted Text XMP, LISTING and PLAINTEXT DIV and CENTER BLOCKQUOTE FORM HR - horizontal rules Tables Text level elements Font style elements Phrase Elements Form fields INPUT text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, ... SELECT menus TEXTAREA multi-line text fields Special Text level Elements The A (anchor) element IMG - inline images APPLET (Java Applets) FONT BASEFONT BR MAP Sample SGML Open Catalog for HTML 3.2 SGML Declaration for HTML 3.2 HTML 3.2 Document Type Definition Character Entities for ISO Latin-1 Table of printable Latin-1 Character codes Acknowledgements Further Reading <!-- HTML 3.2 DTD -->